Hamel the Hero

The Violinist of Hamelin

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13 April
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Mwahaha I'm Hamel the Hero of Justice! I'll clean out the riff raff for you for a nominal fee!

Birthday: April 13
Age: 18
Sign: Aries
Blood: Mazoku type B, Human type B
Height: 178 cm (5'10")
Weight: 60 kg (132lbs)
Background info: Hamel is the son of Pandora and Kestra, and Sizer's twin brother. He is a "magical musician." His music has a reactionary power on it's listeners to bid them do whatever he wants. He plays on an overly large Violin which could easily be mistaken as a double bass. It was an instrument given to him by his mother.

He is half demon and half human- marked by the small horn on the top of his head which he keeps concealed beneath his hat. He is "The Blood and Flesh of the Great Demon King." This reality creates a lot of anxiety and strain on Hamel. The only person who so far has been able to tame this demon impulse within him, and keep him from turning completely over to his Mazoku side is Flute. He's determined to prove that his human side can win over his demon side by going "North" to defeat the Mazoku, and combat Kestra.
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Hamel loves to make up costumes and dress people up. He'll often force his friends into ridiculous costumes and if he sees a sexy girl, even if it's his (spoilers) sister he'll use them as his own personal erotica model.

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This version of Hamel is taken from the manga as opposed to the anime. Although he is very close the the Movie (OAV) version.

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